Document Management System

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Login & Role Management

System will be authenticated by unique username & password for login.

System will have its roles based rights system. For ex. There will be Admin; Executive Engineer & Guest are roles. In this admin will have all rights, Executive engineer has some limited rights like view, add, edit and delete of the records. And Guest can only view the records; he/she can’t add, edit or delete the records.

System will have all audit log information for each activity done in the system.


  • Web based System, can access from anywhere anytime
  • Tracking entire history of file & document
  • Maintaining ageing / pendency of file & document
  • Reduce Processing Time and Create Transparency
  • Each File and document will be generated with unique ID number
  • Can be forwarded to Employee , departments with comments
  • Forwarded file/ doc can be recalled until acceptance is pending at the other end
  • Files /documents which are not currently in use can be archived
  • Centralized Database for different locations
  • HOD can pull the pending file/ doc under his/her
  • Able to upload various types of files (e.g. .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt , .jpg, .bmp, .pdf, .wav etc.) as a document
  • N-number of Documents/notes can be attached to a File and can be viewed
  • Main notes can be identified separately
  • Three types of documents i.e. Inward, Internal & Outward
  • Multiple copies (CC) of inward and Internal document can be sent and identified
  • Outward document can be dispatched to multiple locations
  • Recipient will receive email notification
  • Contains Report and Help modules for better functioning
  • Documents can be searched through its content and various criteria
  • Reminder emails for pending files and documents
  • Hierarchy can be set in pre-defined workflow to forward in fix sequence
  • Role based Access right (Inward/ head/ User/ Admin)