Human Resource Management System

Manage your employees

Admin Module

  • Master Management for all modules
  • User Role Management
  • Analytics Report generation

Staff Management Module

  • This module is for staff information keeping.
  • Employee Joining Information
  • Employee’s personnel, family, educational, work experience, job details etc.
  • Employee Emergency address and contact person details
  • Employee Current position and job profile
  • Employee Local address and References details
  • Employee Training details
  • Holidays Info (Fixed / Non‐fixed)
  • Assets given to employee
  • Staff appraisal and performance review is available

Assets Management Module

  • Flexible/Customize Asset Management Master Settings
  • Asset Classification, Asset types
  • Location and Sub‐location
  • Asset status (e.g. repair, scrap, damage etc.) along with their entire description like asset code, asset notes, the asset transaction history etc.
  • AMC Insurance detail for Asset
  • Vendor detail for all item

Appraisal Management Module

  • Setup of Appraisal Managers and Appraise
  • Rating of employees for various areas like skills, performance and overall rating.
  • Appraisal template setup
  • Minimal training needed for all contributors
  • Quick access to appraisal history

Training Module

  • Enables you to establish and manage skills and competency based training and development programs.
  • Including administrative functions, need identification, candidate registration, training scheduling and training resource management.

Recruitment Management Module

  • Man Power requirement occur on account of retirement, resignation, transfer, deputation, and vacancies created due to additional requirement. Vacancies can be fulfilled by either by internal requirement or external requirement.
  • Keep an organized database of qualified applicants, allow employees to manage open requisitions, track expenses, and automate the hiring process.
  • Applicant Detail, Short List the Applicant, Interview call, Final merit List generation and SMS/E‐mail Notifications, Generate Offer Letter.

Leave Management Module

This online system cuts out the physical movements and enables HR to have a bird’s eye view of the leave situation in the company. It helps in planning of leave allocation for employees. Employees can easily apply for leave & an auto e‐mail notification for leave application/approval will be sent to the concerned authority to process the same.

  • Leave rules
  • User Defined various Leave types e.g. EL,SL, CL etc
  • Leave can be classified as pay or non‐pay leave.
  • Self defined numbers of annual leave entitlement for each designation wise employee wise
  • Automatic calculation of leave balance
  • Leave Balance Details
  • Leave Application
  • Leave Approvals
  • Monthly / Yearly Leave Carry Forward

Generate reports on daily, weekly, monthly basis in popular formats like pdf, word, excel as mention below.

  1. Employee Leave Balance
  2. Paid/Unpaid Leave
  3. Employee wise Leave Detail and Summary

Time Management and Attendance Management (Integration with Punch card/Finger print system as on required)

  • It provides the easiest way to keep a track of staff attendance manually.
  • Late Coming, Early going, Absence due to travel on duty, etc.
  • Employee Shift Manage
  • Overtime Details
  • Manual Attendance done By Employee details
  • Week of Adjustment (employee wise)

Event Management Module

  • Our event management offers a user‐friendly environment for facility scheduling and event management
  • Create events and set all event related information and employee registration.
  • Make and print reports with any type of information like Event Reports, Attendee reports etc

Payroll Management Module

  • Flexible for creating new Earning, Deduction Head and Sub Head
  • Employee Insurance & Provident fund processing
  • Managing employee personnel and payroll information
  • User defined Allowances and Deductions
  • User defined settings for the calculation of each Allowances & Deductions
  • User defined settings for Provident Fund, Pension Fund (PF), Social Insurance (ESI), Income Tax (TDS)
  • User defined settings for Professional Tax
  • Variable DA calculations
  • Calculation of DA Arrears
  • Compliant with statutory contributions like PF, ESI and Professional Tax
  • Compliant with income tax regulations like TDS
  • Pay slip generation in different formats
  • Pay slip through email

Generate reports on daily, weekly, monthly basis in popular formats like pdf, word, excel as mention below.

Payroll Report

  1. Employee Information, Employee Salary Slip,
  2. Salary Register, Salary Certificate, Bank Report. Salary summary, PF Report.
  3. Form 3A (Details of Employees Pension Fund Scheme yearly)
  4. Form 5
  5. Form 6
  6. Form 6A (Employee Yearly PF Contribution)
  7. PF Challan

TDS Report

  1. TDS Challan (Form 281)
  2. Form 16 with form 12
  3. Form 24Q, Form 27A

ESIC Report

  1. Form 3, Form5A, Inspection Report HRD Procedure for payroll
  2. Final Settlement
  3. PF Challan
  4. ESIC Challan

Employee Transfer, Increment and Promotion Module

  • Increment Processing
  • Promotion processing
  • Salary Certificate & Appraisal Letter

Loan Management system

  • Loans & Advances and EMI settings
  • Schedule of refunds for Loans and Advances
  • Track Loan details
  • Track Payments on loans
  • Track Payment and Amortization Schedules
  • Accrue Interest Income

Manpower Planning Module

Delivers a comprehensive solution for planning your company’s strategic growth and help employees understand their career options.

  • Skills search within organization
  • Retirement Tracking
  • Succession Planning
  • Add/Edit/Delete Skills in man power detail
  • Resignation Tracking


  • To – Do list creation
  • Event Viewing and Posting
  • Get updates on routine work i.e. leave, loan, appraisal.
  • Email / SMS alerts for routine work
  • Auto SMS for Leave and Attendance