Kick start solutions.


ISFA-CRM modules help in sales process and marketing. It minimizes the time of sales representatives and help sales representatives to pursue more clients in a shorter amount of time. It provides sales force automation by centralizing information about customer and related data need by sales representative. It also supports territory management, which means that sales representative can be assigned by manager to a specific region. It also provides online reporting on daily basis, to analyze work by the superior.

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Supply Chain Management

This solution effectively manages all the process of Supply from purchase to production to sales. It manages all data of customers from all the locations. It includes Order Management, purchase management, production planning, Offer management, Invoicing, accounting, stock management, Quality check, Dispatch and distribution. It provides Secondary Sales module in case of pharmaceuticals industries.

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Document Management System

We have developed a document management system that organizes and structures all your documents in one place and makes access, retrieval, and sharing of documents possible with a single click.

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Human Resource Management System

Transform all your human resources management activities electronically, so as to provide quick disposal of HR issues of the employees and incentivize them to perform efficiently.

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Campus Management System

Our Campus Management System incorporates all information - student portfolio, course registration, library management, hostel management, admission and asset information is captured and stored at once, eliminating data re-entry, reducing errors and resulting better productivity.

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University Management System

The university management system is well integrated division wise as well as departmental wise. It is a web based automated module that works towards handling the daily activities.

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