Campus Management System

Manage your school life

Collage Affiliation

  • Provides an interface for each college under university to register for themselves.
  • Helps the Colleges to perform admission process online

Enrollment/Enlistment of student

  • Single point interface to the enrollment of student. No need to send CDs to University
  • Automates the details of fee receipts. Tracing of missing problematic slip is easy since the soft copies of the same are maintained in the system


  • keeps a precise track of the student details, subject selection and fee details for examination
  • Ease of tracking of the student internal and practical marks. This are directly included while result is process
  • Generate hall ticket of each student automatically along with his exam schedule & exam center

Exam Conduction

  • Managing a unique seat number for each of the examination. Centers will be allocated to student according to user’s specified criteria
  • Scheduling of exam time-table for each of the course exams in a manner so as to avoid exam clashes of different courses

Post Examination

  • It is an advanced, flexible and functional module which assists in faculty and simplifies the same. Result available to student via sms-email

Result and Reassessment

  • The assessment of all courses on the absolute mark basis will be considered & passed by the result passing board in accordance with the university rules, and their mark sheet will be generated

Degree Generation

  • This module allows to generate Provisional Degree/ Final Degree/ Duplicate Degree Generation/ Degree Correction

Extra Utilities

  • MCQ Marks
  • University Dashboard
  • Event Management
  • Role & Security Management
  • Audit Trail Query Builder
  • Notification(Email/SMS)

Different reports will be available at college login to reduce their task i.e. Enrollment, internal practical, CR, college wise seat no, center allocation, time table.

Key Benefits

  • Affiliation of colleges into system easily
  • Any faculty/discipline, course structure can be added
  • Easily create college login, student login so that their work should be divided
  • Easy generation of result if prerequisite process is done
  • Different reports can be generated for their record and verification
  • Administrative hurdles can be decrease by use of this system
  • Significant reduction in manual work
  • No need to go to University for each and every work
  • Online Hall Tickets / Result provide instant access to the Colleges
  • Tracking of Students of the College online
  • Check their subject selection and verify
  • No need to go to University for each and every work
  • Complete Automation of operations
  • Centrally stored Information
  • Long-term availability of institutional data
  • Less paper work and time consumption
  • Easy Communication
  • Individual Attention and Mentorship
  • Better informed decision making for management
  • Reduce the gap between information and user
  • Consistent integration of data and functionality