Human Resource Management System

Admin Module

  • Master Management for all modules
  • User Role Management
  • Analytics Report generation

Staff Management Module

  • This module is for staff information keeping.
  • Employee Joining Information
  • Employee’s personnel, family, educational, work experience, job details, etc.
  • Employee Emergency address and contact person details
  • Employee Current position and job profile
  • Employee Local address and References details
  • Employee Training details
  • Holidays Info (Fixed / Non‐fixed)
  • Assets are given to an employee
  • Staff appraisal and performance review is available

Assets Management Module

  • Flexible/Customize Asset Management Master Settings
  • Asset Classification, Asset types
  • Location and Sub‐location
  • Asset status (e.g. repair, scrap, damage, etc.) along with their entire description like asset code, asset notes, the asset transaction history, etc.
  • AMC Insurance detail for Asset
  • Vendor detail for all item

Appraisal Management Module

  • Setup of Appraisal Managers and Appraise
  • Rating of employees for various areas like skills, performance, and overall rating.
  • Appraisal template setup
  • Minimal training is needed for all contributors
  • Quick access to an appraisal history

Training Module

  • Enables you to establish and manage skills and competency-based training and development programs.
  • Including administrative functions, need identification, candidate registration, training scheduling, and training resource management.

Recruitment Management Module

  • Man Power requirements occur on account of retirement, resignation, transfer, deputation, and vacancies created due to additional requirements. Vacancies can be fulfilled either by internal requirements or external requirements.
  • Keep an organized database of qualified applicants, allow employees to manage open requisitions, track expenses, and automate the hiring process.
  • Applicant Detail, ShortList the Applicant, Interview call, Final merit List generation, SMS/E‐mail Notifications, Generate Offer Letter.


Leave Management Module

This online system cuts out the physical movements and enables HR to have a bird’ eye view of the leave situation in the company. It helps in the planning of leave allocation for employees. Employees can easily apply for leave & an auto e‐mail notification for leave application/approval will be sent to the concerned authority to process the same.

  • Leave rules
  • User-Defined various Leave types e.g. EL, SL, CL, etc
  • Leave can be classified as payor non‐pay leave.
  • Self-defined numbers of annual leave entitlement for each designation wise employee wise
  • Automatic calculation of leave balance
  • Leave Balance Details
  • Leave Application
  • Leave Approvals
  • Monthly / Yearly Leave Carry Forward

Generate reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis in popular formats like pdf, word, excel as mentioned below.

    1. Employee Leave Balance
    2. Paid/Unpaid Leave
    3. Employee wise Leave Detail and Summary

Time Management and Attendance Management (Integration with Punch card/Finger print system as on required)

  • It provides the easiest way to keep a track of staff attendance manually.
  • Late Coming, Early going, Absence due to travel on duty, etc.
  • Employee Shift Manage
  • Overtime Details
  • Manual Attendance done By Employee details
  • Week of Adjustment (employee wise)

Event Management Module

  • Our event management offers a user‐friendly environment for facility scheduling and event management
  • Create events and set all event-related information and employee registration.
  • Make and print reports with any type of information like Event Reports, Attendee reports, etc

Payroll Management Module

    • Flexible for creating new Earning, Deduction Head and SubHead
    • Employee Insurance & Provident fund processing
    • Managing employee personnel and payroll information
    • User-defined Allowances and Deductions
    • User-defined settings for the calculation of each allowance & Deductions
    • User-defined settings for Provident Fund, Pension Fund (PF), Social Insurance (ESI), Income Tax (TDS)
    • User-defined settings for Professional Tax
    • Variable DA calculations
    • Calculation of DA Arrears
    • Compliant with statutory contributions like PF, ESI, and Professional Tax
    • Compliant with income tax regulations like TDS
    • Payslip generation in different formats
    • Payslip through email

Payroll Report

  • Employee Information, Employee Salary Slip,
  • Salary Register, Salary Certificate, Bank Report. Salary summary, PF Report.
  • Form 3A (Details of Employees Pension Fund Scheme yearly)
  • Form 5
  • Form 6
  • Form 6A (Employee Yearly PF Contribution)
  • PF Challan

TDS Report

  • TDS Challan (Form 281)
  • Form 16 with form 12
  • Form 24Q, Form 27A

ESIC Report

  • Form 3, Form5A, Inspection Report HRD Procedure for payroll
  • Final Settlement
  • PF Challan
  • ESIC Challan

Employee Transfer, Increment and Promotion Module

  • Increment Processing
  • Promotion processing
  • Salary Certificate & Appraisal Letter

Loan Management system

  • Loans & Advances and EMI settings
  • Schedule of refunds for Loans and Advances
  • Track Loan details
  • Track Payments on loans
  • Track Payment and Amortization Schedules
  • Accrue Interest Income

Manpower Planning Module

Delivers a comprehensive solution for planning your company’s strategic growth and helps employees understand their career options.

    • Skills search within the organization
    • Retirement Tracking
    • Succession Planning
    • Add/Edit/Delete Skills in manpower detail
    • Resignation Tracking


  • To-Do list creation
  • Event Viewing and Posting
  • Get updates on routine work i.e. leave, loan, appraisal.
  • Email / SMS alerts for routine work
  • Auto SMS for Leave and Attendance