ISFA – CRM Software Product

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is a software product that assists companies in staying connected with customers, simplifies administrative processes, manages sales and orders, handles daily reporting, and enhances the whole profitability.

Our CRM product helps users to stay focused on their company’s relationships with individual or group of stakeholders which includes clients, service users, employees, suppliers, or vendors.

Creating 360 ° View of the Entire Company Operations

Our product even organizes individuals’ and company’s information to give you comprehensive records of business insights so you can better comprehend your relationships over time by creating a 360° view of the company’s operations.

This process is executed by capturing stakeholder’s interactions with the business and by surfacing the information essential to have improved conversations with customers.


Administrative Controls and Dashboard Utility

We provide admin-level controls, dashboard utilities, analysis, and reports. We cater to division-wise management, workflow, role management, customer and product-wise analysis.

  • Division wise Organogram and Territory Management
  • Workflow and Role Management
  • Customer and Product call /coverage analysis
  • Sales Reports & Profit and Loss Report

Customer Profile Management

We manage customer/doctor profiles, relationships, and customer-oriented services. We organize all categories of basic-level, professional and personal profiles with the involvement of corporate customer facilities.

  • Basic, Professional and Personal Profile of customers/doctor
  • Unique Customer Management through Corporate Customer Facility
  • Customer Relationship / Customer Service Management

Route Management

We precisely handle corporate route management, periodic tour plans, and travel data. This includes fare chart management and monthly tour plans.

  • Standard Fare chart and Monthly Tour Plan
  • Corporate level Route management
  • Providing Monthly Tour plan templates for using existing planned data

Daily Activity Reporting

Manage reports, follow-ups, and planned activities. This includes detailing daily activity reports, RCPA, and other activities.

  • Planned based Daily activity reporting
  • Follow up management and RCPA detailing
  • Other activity detailing, i.e., Briefing meeting, Medical Camps, etc

Expense Management

Take care of periodic calculations, savings, and corporate expenses. This includes automation of expenses and corporate route management.

  • Auto Expense Calculations on the basis of SFC
  • Other expense Management
  • Expense savings through corporate route management

Leave and HRIS Integration

Manage leaves, attendance, and HR integration. This includes detailing field attendance, handling of leaves procedures, and salary processes.

  • Leave management
  • Field Attendance confirmation
  • HR integration for Salary process

Sample and Gift inventory Management

Handle inventory planning, distribution and product promotions. This comprises detailing of sample and gift distribution, admin as well as field management.

  • Sample and gift distribution from admin/field manager level
  • Product promotion wise sample distribution planning
  • Sample and Gift stock tracking

Continues Medical Education

Helps in organizing training and development programs. It includes detailing offering medical education for focused brands and educating healthcare representatives.

  • Providing medical education for focused brands
  • Educating Medical Reps for product-centric features

Mobile Reporting

Reporting is made easy by quick messaging, notifications, and alerts. It comprises access at field levels, digital branding, and product catalogs.

  • Fast and easy access at field level
  • Can utilize time in a waiting room of Doctor
  • Digital Brand detailing through product catalogs
  • Notifications and Message alerts

Sales and Order Tracking

Manage assistance of monitoring, tracking, and analysis of sales orders. It includes different levels of sales tracking and prescription analysis for improving market accessibility.

  • Primary and secondary Sales tracking
  • Prescription sales analysis
  • Order tracking for better market availability

Incentive Calculation

Rule management, calculations, and query solving of incentives. It comprises utilities for optimized procedures and field query solving.

  • Incentive Rule management
  • Incentive calculations
  • An optimized process from field level including field query solving utility

How do Diverse Business Functions Gain from Using CRM?

Top 3 Reasons to Prefer Our CRM Product

All-Inclusive. Cost-Effective. Next Generation Product.

All-Inclusive CRM

Automate your Sales, Expense, Human resource and Customer services management through one single platform. Evade data leakages and enable consistent communication between departments.


Make the most of modernized features, functionalities and integrations, trouble-free implementation and tremendous backend support at cost-effective pricing.

Next Generation Product

Ground-breaking services those are swift and effortless to use which are flexibly packed in a modernized or next-generation product.

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